2001 Ecochimica System Scrub VTW

2001 Ecochimica System Scrub VTW

Rome, Italy

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SCRUBBER, Ecochimica System type VTW for purification and dust suppression

  • Cylinder measures approximately m. 2.50 x 5.00h.
  • Overall dimensions (vertically for transport) m. 2.50 x 3.30 x 5.50
  • Weight approximately 1,000 kg

two-stage scrubber capable of purifying and

ensure particulate emissions into the atmosphere.

TYPE OF SYSTEM: Venturi Scrubber tower
PRINCIPLE OF OPERATION: The pollutants contained in the air sucked in by the Ecochimica SCRUBBER are absorbed through a chemical reaction through washing with an appropriate abatement reagent. The standard scrubbers produced by Ecochimica are double-stage to ensure greater treatment efficiency and guarantee compliant emissions.
I Stage (Venturi): The polluted air is sucked in by the scrubber through the venturi, where, due to the strong turbulence created in the throat, by the high speed, it comes into intimate contact with the washing solution, creating an excellent pre-removal.
II Stage (tower): The polluted air passes from the Venturi to the washing tower through the reagent recirculation tank. In the tower, the air is further backwashed, at low speed, over a large contact surface. Appropriate demisters, droplet separator honeycomb packs, which eliminate dragging effects, are inserted in the tower. The air is conveyed through the scrubber, via a standard fan and once purified it is emitted into the atmosphere.

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ManufacturerEcochimica System
ModelScrub VTW