1994 ULMA PV-350L SCI-X

1994 ULMA PV-350L SCI-X

Viterbo, Italy

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ULMA PV-350LS CI-X tray packaging and forming machine

  • Total power 5.7 kW
  • Ulma PV350 flow-pack packaging machine with Eurolock, for hanging packages
  • Designed for packaging loose products
  • For packages that can be hung on a hook
  • Sealing bar moved by the box
  • Top side sealing machine
  • Suitable for unprinted transparent sheets
  • Product length with automatic scanning
  • Input chain with pushers 330 cm
  • Capacity up to a maximum of 50 pieces per minute depending on the product.

Machine checked and in perfect working order

This Ulma PV350 packaging machine has a film reel at the bottom of the machine. For this reason they are particularly recommended for irregular or difficult to drag products. This model is robust, easy to use and reliable, like all ULMA machines, but it is also very versatile in format change. Their great flexibility and reliability make them widely used in the general food market and particularly popular in agriculture, meat processing, dairy, etc.


ModelPV-350L SCI-X
Visible toViterbo (VT) Italy