2015 Complete incinerator and waste-to-energy plant - 30,000 tons - Recovering the Irrecoverable

2015 Complete incinerator and waste-to-energy plant - 30,000 tons - Recovering the Irrecoverable


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Complete incinerator and waste-to-energy plant

Average production 25,000 tons of waste per year, depending on the calorific value of the incinerated waste, while the waste solidification and stabilization plant, the research center and the laboratory are capable of treating over 100,000 tons of waste per year.

The waste-to-energy plant of this plant, in addition to the production of electricity equal to 3 MW, is mainly dedicated to the final product Cement Granules

The plant can treat a very wide range of waste (hundreds of codes) of which:

  • Agricultural product waste
  • Industrial and chemical waste
  • Hazardous and Pharmaceutical Waste
  • ELTs
  • Waste Timber
  • Organic and non-organic hazardous waste
  • Car fluff
  • Paper pulper
  • Various organic material
  • Mud
  • Liquid waste and pollutant
  • Waste derived from paint, enamels and inks
  • Waste from the steel industry
  • Sewage
  • slimy
  • Halogenated Organic Solvents
  • So much more

A homogeneous and stable compound is created from certain groups of waste

The setup has two processes in decisions R1 and D10

According to the table there are several hundred codes.

That is, practically everything, except stone, glass and heavy metal.

Complete system with two-stage post-combustion of exhaust gases with temperatures of over 1,100 degrees. Plant launched at the end of 2015 and is also suitable for the combustion of hazardous waste, including medical and industrial chemical waste.

It includes a method of comprehensive treatment of hazardous waste to obtain useful products and an installation system that allows the use of this cutting-edge, patent-protected method.

The technology also involves the treatment of hazardous and/or inorganic waste which, after combustion, solidification and stabilization processes, treats waste such as slag and dust and obtains, produces artificial aggregates such as cement granules etc., which are then used as aggregate artificial in construction, road construction (asphalt) and more.

That is, the stabilization and solidification of hazardous and non-hazardous inorganic waste, the final product of which will be cement granules.

ISO 14001 certified plant, ISO 9001 certified, and other certifications covering the recovery of hazardous and non-hazardous waste, with the best emerging technologies in this field, laboratory tests on waste, water and sewage and with the production of artificial aggregates using waste .

The plant is made up of the following main sectors:

  • Counterflow rotary oven with front and rear head,
  • Fundamental geometric dimensions of the rotating drum: external diameter Dw – 3m - Length L – 7.9 m - L/D 2.6 - Flow rate of exhaust gases in the oven - Usp. – 1.85 m/sec. Minimum residence time of exhaust gases in the rotating drum - 4.2 sec. - Oven speed - 0.125 – 0.25 rpm.
  • Post-combustion chambers I and II connected with connectors, with flow rate: QD = 60,000 m3/h
  • Mixing chambers (fume cooling, urea dosing)
  • 13.2 TPH boiler system for the production of superheated steam with a capacity of 8,500 kg/h - 3.53 MPa - 30000 Nm3/h This is a heat recovery, double-pass, independent, single-cylinder circulating boiler natural.
  • The Turbine with output power of 1,350 kva and 2 generators with output power of 1,500 kva for total 3 MW existing, were not used because for company needs all the heat was used to dry the raw material (due to the great demand) for the production of alternative fuels, therefore this turbine and generator plant are practically unused (like new).
  • Analysis systems developed by GASMET CX-4000 analyzer - JUM 3-700A analyzer - And others

All documentation regarding the process is available

- Plant visible in Eastern Poland.

- Complete with all documents and certifications.

- The offer includes dismantling and loading.

- Estimate available for reassembly with start-up and investigation,

  • A highly competent company has already provided us with a quote for the reassembly of the entire system, which we will make available.